Road Traffic Consultancy Ltd and Corporate Track Days

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Road Traffic Consultancy Ltd and Corporate Track Days

Road Traffic Consultancy Ltd and Corporate Track Days


Driver awareness packages


Road Traffic Consultancy Ltd fronted by ex Strathclyde Police Traffic Department Officer

Keith Hale offers a highly successful and quickly cost effective individually tailored or fleet driver safety and awareness packages all of which offer greater road safety and improved vehicle fuel efficiency, lower accident rates and reduced sickness rates and of course you will be less likely to collect those horrible fixed penalty tickets!


If you then wish you can use your tips and awareness gained through Road Traffic Consultancy Ltd on town/country and motorway roads on the race track, yes they are transferrable skills!


Road Traffic Consultancy Ltd can also due to their expertise offer in-house transport management packages to avoid the potential pit falls and liabilities of the Corporate Homicide (Scotland) Act  placed upon businesses now.


How Corporate Track Days started


Once your employees have undertaken this driver awareness training, or simply as a team building exercise or bonding day why not consider a Corporate Track Day, undertaking driving on at Knockhill Racing Circuit, their rally stage, go-cart racing track, 4×4 driving or even skid control sessions.


The beginning of the offering of corporate track days began with Road Traffic Consultancy’s desire to help those working in corporate offices and sales roles to have the chance to take to the track to “legally burn some rubber” or  just to “let of steam” perhaps following a successful full corporate year or even a quarter.



In conjunction with Knockhill Race Track in Fife Road Traffic Consultancy Ltd has entered into this particular concept for those in corporate positions.


Getting into Gear with Corporate Track Days


Test your ultimate driving skills with corporate track days.


If you are used to being behind a desk and want to express your daring side, then you can look at the track days in Scotland for more adventure.  These full day/half day’s out even allow you to take your own vehicle to the track, or rely on the track vehicles to race others to the finish line and for the final prize or that elusive “time”.


Whatever your goal or dream, a fun day of on the road, or a track/rally/4×4/skid control and racing experience awaits.


Preparing for the Track


If you are ready to get on the track, then there are many options:


You have the option of bringing your own car as a part of the race experience (Trotter Independent Trader vans need not apply) this allows you to test your own vehicle in legal conditions against the clock.


If you want to do this then Road Traffic Consultancy Ltd can direct you to specialist insurance providers, who for the appropriate premium will allow insurance cover on your own vehicle on the track as your standard insurance is not current for these purposes.



Bonuses of Track Days in Scotland


Enjoy even more with the track days in Scotland that are being introduced.


To top off the races it can be arranged for you to drive with the resident Knockhill racing circuit former Scottish Rally Championship driver who will be at the wheel.


Not only will you want to race against others in your team, but will use the tips provided to you in prior driver awareness sessions and if you wanted you would be able to race against Keith Hale on the track!


This adds into even more fun with the competitive nature while allowing everyone to enjoy the best of the races and team building.


If you are interested in taking up the challenge to improve your organisations driving standards and be looked upon as a leading training provider within your corporate field in today’s very competitive  market and are looking to be “That bit different from the rest” or even simply want to race against your colleagues on the track in a safe controlled environment then take that first step and call Keith on 07776138095 or email him at and get that first meeting set up.