Membership Criteria

Invited Members

All members of the RTLcooperative have been invited to join. At the hub of this circle of cooperation is Graham Walker who has reached out to friends, colleagues, businesses and firms that he admires and respects to join our group of like minded people. His daughter Alice has targeted those businesses that she feels could add to the mix of the group and bring something to us that could really add to any synergy that we gain from working together on our marketing and our general business and legal interests.


Members By Application

We recognise that many businesses and law firms will be very well qualified to join the RTLcooperative but membership is not simply by application and the payment of an annual fee. The only people who will be members of this group are people, businesses and firms that are personally endorsed by Graham Walker and any future Membership Committee. If any solicitor or business person wants to be considered for membership they must apply and their application will succeed only if they meet the following stringent criterion:

1. Who Are You?

Our members must be involved in the area of  law, as lawyers, experts, advisers, facilitators, business people. Although our idea focused on road traffic law at first, it soon became apparent that several other disciplines and fields should be represented.

New start up businesses will only be considered where there is at track record of previous involvement in this area demonstrating a high level of competence.


2. Your Experience Matters

Applicants must be able to  demonstrate that they have the required level of experience and knowledge to add to the cooperative. This can be done by their reports of previous work, referred to  in public sources like newspapers, magazines, T.V and radio. etc Experience can also be spoken to by the  age of the applicant and the known reputation of that applicant in this field.

3. Your Reputation

Applicants must be confirmed as never having been convicted of a criminal offence and as having no pending complaints or criminal prosecutions pending against them by the Law Society of Scotland. We all know that a good reputation is hard to win and easy to lose.

In business, ones reputation is the key to success or failure. The way that your business is perceived can stay with you for years. The way that impacts on the members of the rtlcooperative is of vital importance to us.This is not simply some kind of “Branding Exercise.”  Our members have spent years and sometimes entire careers building strong reputations in the sector and nothing that occurs within the membership of the rtlcooperative can be allowed to over shadow or damage such a reputation.

It is important to recognise all the different factors that contribute to your brand being identified as a good, efficient and reliable supplier of your goods or services.