Membership Benefits

Our Aims

To unite smaller law firms and related businesses in a circle of cooperation that perpetually benefits us all.

Our advantage as small businesses is that like small fish, we can gather together for shelter and be even faster and more effective than the bigger fish, who are slow to manoeuvre and adapt.

To share information, encouragement and advice wherever we see an opportunity for our fellow members to improve their business and their bottom line.


The point of the RTLcooperative is solidarity, between business people who consider it worthwhile “Going out to bat for each other”

Alice will act as a catalyst to promote interaction of members and the growth of our group by actively seeking opportunities for all of us. Where it would be inappropriate for any one of us to approach a prospect or potential business partner it will be entirely appropriate and professional for Alice to make positive representations on our behalf wherever possible.

The internet provides us all with access to mass communication but our clients are like thirsty people seeking a glass of water from Niagara Falls. It is our job to help our members leverage the power of the internet to access their own particular local market.

The RTLcooperative can be seen as a simple marketing machine, £300  goes in, then over the course of the year various opportunities are seized upon by Alice and Graham for the advantage of the members, but it can be more than this. The synergy that we can achieve through working together will pay back much more than the token annual membership fee

Our Member Firms will receive the support that they need,to enable them to concentrate on fee earning and running their already  growing, successful and profitable business. We are not here for businesses that do not know where to start we are here for those of us who simply want to see and feel the benefits of cooperation in this sector


What we will never do

We don’t tell you how to run your business. We make suggestions provide ideas but YOU decide whether they should be implemented or dumped. There is no question, hesitation or concern YOU are the boss of your firm and what you say goes!

Never feel reluctant to say no to any idea, suggestion,promotion, or ANYTHING suggested by Alice and Graham. Their role is to make sure all of our members benefit from being part of a larger organisation and they completely respect that you will want to represent your firm or business in whatever way you choose.

The only advertising we will ever ask you to consider is “Direct Response” where you measure exactly what the Return On Investment was. Never branding for the sake of it.

What we want to do is to make your firm or your business even  more efficient and more profitable, than it already is!