Member’ s Showcase

Graham Walker

LLb, DipLP, N.P, Partner

Graham Walker has been practicing law since 1984. His firm “Graham Walker Solicitors” have specialised in criminal law since its inception in 1987. He has always had a keen interest in road traffic law and in 2001 his firm launched their first website. was the first firm in Scotland to specialise exclusively in road traffic law. Since that time Graham has become widely acknowledged by colleagues, the press and the bench as an expert in this area. He has appeared on Scottish Television, Radio and in the Press providing opinions and views on road traffic law. He has successfully represented celebrities, sportsmen, Government officials and even road traffic police officers!

David Kinloch

David Kinloch

LLb, DipLP, N.P, Sole Practitioner

Mr Kinloch specialises in all criminal cases.  He has successfully defended everything from murder in the Scottish High Courts all the way down to simple theft by shoplifting cases. Many of his cases have been widely reported in the Scottish press due to the profile of many of those clients and serious matters that they are alleged to have been involved in.

As a consequence of his experience and ability  Mr Kinloch is also consulted and instructed by many solicitors in proceeds of crime actions and has a high level of expertise in this matter.



Sharron Reilly

BA(Hons), MSc, CAAP, MBPsS

Founder and Director of ISM Psychological services. She has worked for 16 years across health, justice, social care and education services. She gained a BA (Hons) in Social Science / Psychology on 2004, an MSc in Forensic Psychology in 2007 and an MSc in Applied Psychology for Children and Young People in 2014.  She is a qualified and registered Clinical Associate in Applied Psychology (CAAP) and is also a Graduate Member of the British Psychological Society (MBPsS).

Her company is the only Scottish company that provides Drink Drive Rehabilitation Courses in this country.




Stephen Usher

Bachelor of Accountancy (BAcc) degree:

Stephen is not just a number cruncher. He has provided Ltd and Graham Walker Solicitors with extremely valuable professional advice over the years.  He is passionate about understanding the business that generates the numbers, and working out how to continuously make those numbers as positive and profitable as possible. He is a hands on pro-active type of person whose main specialty is working with businesses, contractors and freelancers to keep them on the right side of HMRC. He will always start with a quest to get to know your business, asking you about:

• Your aims and objectives
• Your target customer base
• Your forecasts and budgets for the year
• Your previous years’ performance and accounts

Expect him to then get to work on keeping you on track (and hopefully stress-free) in meeting your HMRC obligations. This is all down to excellent planning and organisation, with him telling you exactly when you need to submit the key information that’s needed to prepare your accounts.




Fergus Muirhead

Fergus Muirhead is a Certified Financial Planner and has been helping his clients manage and invest their money for over twenty years.

Fergus is also an experienced freelance writer and broadcaster covering all areas of money and consumer interest. His latest book “A Piper’s Tale” deals with one of his passions. He is a regular contributor to BBC radio and TV programmes offering viewers and listeners valuable money and consumer advice and he was Woman’s Own Consumer Champion for five years. His latest series of video offerings comes from where he provides 60 second snippets of key information and advice. Superb format and great content. For more information about Fergus and to find out, how much money he can save you or make you- Check out our Blog post, about his new TV show on the BBC.




Chris Cagienard

Chris operates a superb web design and marketing company. They form a  group of designers, marketing experts and geeks that believe there is a better way to design and build your website!

“At Soapbox Digital Media, we have come together to fill the vast void in between and deliver a quality project on time and in budget. More importantly we fundamentally believe it should deliver, or we did not achieve anything. ”
Our Philosophy
As a company, we aim to consistently deliver market leading websites and targeted online marketing that delivers real success, defined by sales and new customers.




Helen Griffiths

At Easy Answering we believe our clients are VIPs. Many of our new clients choose us because of recommendations from existing clients. We provide and deliver a Personal Professional Call Handling Service at all times.We will assign 3 named PA’s one of whom will be your account manager so your calls are answered by someone who knows about you and your business and not simply “the next available operator. No long term contracts. Our clients choose to use us because they want to, not because we have tied them to a contract. Our charges are very simple. We believe that our clients should only pay for messages relayed – and not for every call logged on their incoming line. We screen your calls for unwanted callers including unsolicited sales calls. This means that you can manage your budget effectively. We will also set up your own VIP Client List.




Keith Hale

Keith is a retired police officer with over 11 years experience spending the last 5 years of his service within the Road Traffic Department. He has been instructed by all the top road traffic specialist firms in the UK at some time or other. He regulary works south of the border as well as covering courts throughout Scotland. His experience and cool head can be relied upon for impartial advice and assistance when you need it most.
His goals are to assist individuals in saving their driving licences when charged with dangerous Driving, Careless driving, serious speeding offences, red light offences, mobile phone offences, tachograph offences and totting situations.
He offers advice on all transport matters and can prevent Owners and Directors of companies from falling foul of the very serious requirements of the Corporate Manslaughter Act, save these same companies and individuals money on vehicle fuel costs, servicing, insurance excesses, sick pay, lost sales and profits.





Ian Duguid QC

Ian Duguid QC

Ian Duguid is one of the most highly regarded Senior Counsel at the Criminal Bar, and is first choice for many agents throughout Scotland. Advocates by their very office must remain independent of all “third party” organisations or third parties therefore Mr Duguid QC whilst he supports the principles of cooperation amongst members of the RTLcooperative he himself remains fiercely independent and ensures that nothing impinges upon his ability to provide independent advice and assistance to all of those who benefit from his involvement in their case.

Ian has been instructed by Graham Walker of in several serious, high level road traffic cases including death by dangerous driving, death by careless driving, dangerous driving. Who says of Ian Duguid QC, “He is the senior counsel of first choice for Graham Walker Solicitors and for our company. Over the many years that I have known Ian  he has consistently delivered a high level of service to his clients and never runs away from a difficult case or difficult decision. A consummate professional with superb communication skills and impressive intelligence. It is no wonder that he continues to have the ear of court and remains one of the busiest practitioners at the Scottish Bar”

Mr Duguid QC is presently “testing the water” to see if practitioners desire or need a consultation service that he can provide online. For more information please register your interest at this page.

An experienced and renowned Queens Counsel, Ian has gained a broad range of expertise through a varied career including several years of service with the Attorney-General’s Chambers in Hong Kong, as a standing counsel to the Ministry of Defence and as an adviser to Her Majesty’s Government on offending related matters. He has acted as both prosecution and defence counsel in the High Court and Appeal Court, in some of the country’s most notorious recent prosecutions






John McElroy Advocate

John McElroy, Advocate

John McElroy has been instructed by Graham Walker and from the moment he called at the bar. Advocates by their very office must remain independent of all “third party” organisations or third parties therefore Mr McElroy, whilst he supports the principles of cooperation amongst members of the RTLcooperative he himself remains fiercely independent and ensures that nothing impinges upon his ability to provide independent advice and assistance to all of those who benefit from his involvement in their case.

Although in name, he is regarded as junior counsel he has a vast level of experience dealing with road traffic cases and indeed all areas of criminal court work. He was a founding partner in one of the most highly respected firms in Paisley where he gathered a tremendous amount of court and trials experience, on a daily basis. He qualified as a Solicitor Advocate in 2000 and this allowed him to represent his clients at High court level and allowed him to be instructed by other firms of solicitors to represent their clients also.

John has practised exclusively in criminal law since September 1989 specialising in criminal defence work.

He has substantial experience in all aspects of the practice of criminal law from the first interview with accused persons to conducting cases in the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.  He practised as a Solicitor Advocate from 2000 until he called at the Bar in June 2013.

Mr McElroy is presently “testing the water” to see if practitioners desire or need a consultation service that he can provide online. For more information please register your interest at this page.

He is a well-respected member of the bar and has been instructed by to deal with complex and serious road traffic cases with a high degree of success.

Brenda Mitchell

Brenda Mitchell has 27 years of experience in representing people with personal injury claims, specialising in cases involving motorcyclists who have been injured in road traffic accidents.

She is also a Champion for the development of cycling in Scotland and foundedBelles on Bikes in the Borders to encourage more women to get out on their bikes and enjoy the experience.

She is an Ambassador for Filles a Velo which helps women make the transition from riding sportives up into competitive cycling.

A passionate cyclist herself, you will always find Brenda out on either her bicycle or her motorbike!

“I’ve always taken a keen interest in motorcycling and obtained my full motorcycle licence in 1983. After my two children were born, I restricted my motorcycling exploits to off-road jaunts, but several years ago I decided it was time to make my two-wheeled return to the road.

Having dealt with the aftermath of so many motorcycle accidents, I started off with a visit to ProScot’s highly-regarded motorcycle training school.  Undertaking ProScot’s motorcycle refresher training and the Enhanced Rider Scheme gave me back my confidence and brushed up my skills.  To ensure I was as good as rider as possible, next, I completed several advanced courses run by John Macdonald of ProScot, including ProScot’s Cornering Skills course, which involved two days riding on some of the best roads in Britain.

Although it’s not necessary for a motorcycle accident lawyer to ride a motorcycle, I consider riding a motorcycle to be an important part of my role as it provides me with a full understanding and appreciation of motorcycle dynamics and control.

I was previously a Partner with a large personal injury legal practice and I’ve set up Motorcycle Law Scotland with Thompsons in order to provide a bespoke service to fellow motorcyclists. I am passionate about ensuring motorcyclists injured through no fault of their own receive the compensation they are entitled to. I strongly believe first class service and personal representation from experienced lawyers really does make a difference – not only to the outcome of a case but also to the motorcyclists and families involved.

I have provided some legal advice on a whole range of motorcycle accident and insurance related issues which I hope will be helpful to the motorcycling community. Read more>>

Recognising her success and expertise as a specialist Lawyer, Brenda was awarded Solicitor of the Year 2013 at the Law Awards of Scotland.

Brenda has recently won the BikeBiz Women of the Year 2015 – Pioneer Award having been listed as one of the Women in Cycling for 2015.


studio27 logo

Graham MacIver and Fiona McEwan

We will get your job completed quickly and we will deliver a highly polished, professional product. If you care about “Production Values” then you won’t be disappointed with what we achieve.
We provide a free consultation where we come to you and discuss your project in detail. We take however long it takes, to truly understand your company and what you intend to project and promote to the world. Once “We’ve got it” we add our creativity and our ability to make sure that others will “Get it”
With 20 + years experience in Broadcast and Filmmaking from Directing promotional films for our own companies, (nuarts Productions and Tenbobflix), to Assistant Directing on BBC productions, Feature Films and numerous commercials and short films.
We are self-shooters, skilled in camera, sound, lighting and post production.
We are a small, friendly, family run business who love to deal with people and demand the highest standards from our work.
We are a new business, but highly experienced film makers. Our small business is a lifestyle choice, where we choose not compromise and only work with clients and projects that excite and interest us. If you think that you may have a project that we can help with, please feel free to get in touch today.