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How To Handle Negative Reviews

How To Handle Negative Reviews

How To Handle Negative Reviews

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Guard Your Online Rep!

Guard Your Online Rep!


RTLcooperative Members Now Have FREE Rep management carried out by Alice.

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Starting Up A New Business?

Starting Up A New Business? (From the Law Society Of Scotland –as amended by rtlcooperative)

Setting up your own business involves making some of the biggest decisions of your life. And before your new venture is up and running, there are even more day-to-day decisions to be made. A solicitor can guide you through this tricky process, protecting your business and helping you avoid costly pitfalls. With the legal and financial issues watertight, you can focus on what you do best – building a successful business.

Business structure

One of the first, and most important, decisions you will make is the structure that best suits your business needs. The options – sole trader, partnership, limited company or limited liability partnership – involve different legal requirements, for instance, when making agreements and keeping company records. To help avoid disputes, it is important to set out the relationships between those involved in running the business. Franchising can also be an attractive option. Your solicitor can give independent advice and assistance on business structures and their legal requirements.


Many of those starting a business need to borrow money to do so. If so, the lender may want security over the business premises or other private property. A solicitor can help identify different sources of finance, explain the terms that lenders are offering, outline the risks involved and help with negotiations. You also need to think about your personal finances, how will you be able to afford a pension? What happens if you are too ill to work? Can you get cover for key personnel insurance?

That is when it is time to consider the advice of a Financial Planner such as Fergus Muirhead. Fergus is well renowned in Scotland.

Fergus has years of experience helping people manage their money, both as a professionally qualified Certified Financial Planner and as a regular writer and broadcaster across a wide range of programmes, magazines and newspapers.

These days he can be heard on the John Beattie Show advising viewers and listeners on money and consumer issues. Fergus was a regular on GMTV and has also appeared on Channel 4 hit programme Location Location Location. He was Woman’s Own Consumer Champion for five years, helping hundreds of readers find solutions to their consumer problems.



It is important to find the right premises, whether leasing a shop, renting an office or running a business from your laptop. But problems can arise, for instance, understanding the terms of a lease or finalising a property purchase. Solicitors understand the legal complexities and are familiar with local property markets.

Taxes and insurance

New businesses must register with HM Revenue & Customs and are expected to pay national insurance. Other tax issues may arise, for instance, over VAT, inheritance tax planning and trading abroad.

A range of different types of insurance is available to help businesses protect against risks. A solicitor can guide you through these issues.

Employing staff

The rules for employing staff are complicated – and constantly changing. Solicitors can give specialist advice on the rights of employees and employers, drawing up contracts and dealing with any disputes that occur. Consider outsourcing. Staff costs can be crippling for any new company so why not consider outsourcing some of your staff requirements. A fantastic way to do this, is to use a company such as A Scottish company who are local, yet have a broad range of experience, that is world wide. They will answer your phones as if they are based in your office and wil provide a highly professional service for you at a fraction of the cost of employing your own secretary or PA.

As Helen at says “My team of PA’s and I have been delivering a telephone answering and virtual office service since 2004. And the only thing that has changed in that time is the range of services we now offer and our name which resulted from our re-branding in November 2011.. Our personal professional telephone answering service has been a constant since we answered our first call for our first client way back then – incidentally that same client still uses our service. So you could say that after all these years we obviously do something great.”


Problems can arise for a number of reasons – contractual disputes with suppliers, recovering bad debt, disagreement with business colleagues or associates – so it is vital to receive professional advice and, if necessary, representation. Solicitors have the expertise to draw up terms of business and review contracts. More serious disputes do not necessarily end up in court. Your solicitor can help you avoid disputes in the first place or, if need be, arrange mediation.

Further information

Whatever the legal issue – from data protection and product liability to advising what you can say in promotional material, protecting your ideas and applying for licences – a Scottish solicitor can help. Use our website to find a solicitor.


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ISM Psychological Services Ltd

ISM Psychological Services Ltd Launch New Website

We are delighted to announce to all members and the world in general that Sharron Reilly and her team at ISM Psychological Services have launched a new website.

After some improvements and polishing of the old website she has relaunched and produced a short promo video (through her membership of the RTLcooperative)  to help promote the site.

An easy way to introduce members and their clients and contacts to this new service, now available in Scotland, is simply to share the video with them. It highlights how easy it is to access the website on all mobile devices, tablets, phones etc.

ISM Psychological Services from The RTLcooperative on Vimeo.


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Are You Ready For Video?

Category : Video Marketing

Are You Ready For Video?

Video marketing is a powerful medium to communicate and connect with prospective and current clients. Videos  do not need to cost a fortune, can be quick and easy to produce, and can be online within minutes. With video you can make that personal message and get through to your potential clients in a way that only a personal meeting can usually achieve. The big firms struggle with this as they need to have a committee decide who will be the face of the company etc, but for small to medium sized businesses it makes a great deal of sense to get a video online ASAP.

Producing Your  Video
Although you can buy a camera and create your own videos, quality and content can suffer unless you know how to use lighting, locations, and audio to create professional looking and sounding content. Then you must edit.

If your video looks poor and unprofessional, people might assume the same about your firm and the services you offer. It needs to be good but does not need to be a massive outlay.

You would hire someone to create a website or signage for your office or even a letterhead – video is just another part of that marketing equation.

Develop A Video Marketing Strategy

  • Do you intend to appeal to emotions? If so, could music be used to heighten those emotions? It’s the old advertising line “Make them feel the pain, make the pain worse and only then offer YOUR solution”.
  • Decide on the tone of the piece: documentary, informative, funny… Funny is very tough and should only be tried by those with a very strong message or the super confident.
  • Do you want to be in it yourself or are you a bit camera shy? You do NOT need to be in the video to create an effective marketing instrument. You can use stock video with voice over or you could film your business managers communicating the message. Live filming is usually more expensive, but if edited properly it can have a long shelf life and be used in many different areas of your business.
  • What do you need the video to do – demonstrate your abilities, introduce you to a market place, train staff, recruit , explain a concept or process? Decide how you will distribute your video: link on website; Youtube, promoted with Youtube ads; or Facebook Inclusion in your feed. In the office, on a TV, online with an insert on your website. Decide where you will host (hold) the video – Youtube, Vimeo etc.
  • Why not try an interview? If unsure about a script or what and when to say your bit, have the video produced for you and have the cameraman interview you. It is a bit more hassle and expense as another microphone is sometimes required and edits can be more difficult, but it is a format that works well for many professionals, especially when used with skillful editing.
  • Is the subject in question full of jargon or does it have sophisticated content? If so, seek a producer with experience in your area who can understand and communicate the content clearly.
  • More and more people access content online. At we have seen a massive change in our traffic now that the majority of it is accessed on mobiles and tablets etc. People are turning to video and can’t even be bothered to read through content anymore. Be at the forefront of this opportunity, and make sure that you utilise video in your marketing mix.
  • Will you create yours now or wait for your competitors to take the lead?

If you need assistance with creating video for your business please get in touch with Alice today. She can arrange a free consultation to explain the pros, cons, and the expense involved. Email her at