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The Magic of Outsourcing Your Call Handling

The Magic of Outsourcing Your Call Handling

Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Your Telephone Answering Service

One of the most important decisions that business owners and managers need to make is whether to perform some activity in-house, or whether to outsource it to a more specialised third party. Each side will have its pros and cons, so the wise manager will need to compare the two sides thoroughly before coming to a decision. This is something that also applies to the question of how to handle the telephone answering service of a business. In the past, this type of thing would be handled by a personal assistant who is an employee, but today, that no longer needs to be the case.

The Benefits of Outsourcing

One of the pluses of outsourcing is that it allows your company to be more flexible. So for example, if you find that your need for individuals to handle order processing drastically increases at certain points in the year, you can negotiate with a telephone answering service to provide the necessary additional people during those times. This allows you to ensure that there are enough individuals answering phones so that your order processing doesn’t get bogged down, but you still remain flexible so that when the demand for order processing decreases, you can simply adjust the number of outsourced staff downwards. It’s much less flexible if you do this in-house because your firm will need to hire additional employees or workers in order to be able to do so. The lack of flexibility will be a further drain on the company’s resources.

Another benefit of outsourcing is that the telephone answering service staffs are specialists in what they do. Whether the job involves simply answering calls, or something more intensive such as telemarketing, these individuals know how to do it well because that is what their job is all about. This is unlike the in-house option, where employees will tend to be more like generalists, who sometimes handle phone calls but often handle other responsibilities.


The Downsides of Outsourcing

One possible disadvantage to outsourcing is where the staff of the telephone answering service lack the knowledge to properly address questions that callers ask. This is why it is very important to hire a firm like Easy Answering, which makes it a point to ensure that any personal assistants who are handling calls have sufficiently in-depth knowledge about your company.

Another possible downside involves telephone answering services, which attempt to lock their clients into longer term contracts. This is a problem because it tends to nullify the advantage of flexibility, which is one of the reasons to outsource in the first place. So again, you need to choose a firm like Easy Answering, which does not obligate clients to enter into long-term contracts, so that you can maintain the flexibility to increase or decrease the number of individuals involved, as needed.


The Magic of is we can appear to be in your office when we are in fact your online partner, at your side throughout the day.

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Check out the testimonials of easyanswering to get an idea of what their clients appreciate about their service. They might just be that piece of magic that your business needs to reach the next level.


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Leading Legal Excellence

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Leading Legal Excellence

The legal market is going through unprecedented change. The challenge of the digital era coupled with new expectations from clients requires those within the legal profession to adapt, to innovate, to modernise, to take risks and grasp new opportunities.

The Law Society of Scotland have organised a conference that will be opened by The Law Society President, Christine McLintock they say in their website :- “We are delighted to welcome Lord Hodge, Justice of the UK Supreme Court as our opening keynote speaker with the afternoon’s keynote session being delivered by Karl Chapman, CEO of successful new UK legal market entrant Riverview Law. Throughout the day you will be spoilt for choice with over 16 different topics for you to choose from within Rule of Law, Business, In House lawyers and the Economy streamed sessions.

This year’s conference will see Solicitors from Private Practice and In-house come together with colleagues from other professions at our post conference networking event, to celebrate both the winner of the annual In-house Lawyers Group Rising Star Award and the 50th anniversary of the Scottish Law Commission.

Registration fees for the conference are from £130.00 inclusive of VAT and the conference will count towards 6hours CPD.

Find out more information and register