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The RTLCooperative

Road traffic law is an area of specialisation that many law firms and advocates have turned their attention to in recent years. The RTL cooperative is a new referral network for law firms and other professionals practicing in the area of road traffic law. Established and developed by Alice Walker, daughter of Graham Walker of Roadtrafficlaw.com.

In a traditional “Mastermind Group” business leaders and entrepreneurs meet to help each other out with advice, challenge, motivation and guidance. Graham wanted to focus on connected businesses and friends and colleagues to develop relationships amongst the group and to build a stronger referral network of businesses that benefits all members.

Members share their goals, their challenges, their opportunities. They get input from the bright business minds around them to challenge their thinking, give them new ideas and perspectives, share their experiences of similar situations. Masterminds often share best practices and emerging trends too so that members benefit from the early experiences and experiments of others in the group.

Sometimes a “mastermind group” can act as an accountability group. Members become motivated to push through barriers and hit their goals because they’ve shared those goals with their mastermind partners.

“Alice and I would like to develop a group that not only help each other with ideas, referrals and feedback, but that also help each other directly. We want a group of businesses with complementary products and services where members will willing promote each others’ businesses and skills”

Graham decided the best course of action was to set up such a group made of  friends, business colleagues and clients. This way we could identify the right kind of compatible businesses that we would feel comfortable working with and promoting to each others own client base.

We provide additional legal, financial, business and marketing resources for members and we encourage our members to make referrals within the cooperative and provide support and assistance for all members.

The RTLcooperative is for forward thinking lawyers and business people. Is marketing the last thing on your to do list? Have you been meaning to take advantage of your website and social media, when you get some time?

Alice will help you manage the digital world and your online presence, allowing you to do what you do best. We help you increase visibility, credibility, and ultimately your bottom line. We reach your clients online while you keep your practice on track. We also monitor your online image and bring to your attention any negative comments or reviews that may be floating about out there on the “interweb,” damaging your reputation.

It costs £300 per annum to join, with a rock solid guarantee that you will re coup this fee within 12 months through the referral of a new case or through the inherent value of the increased profile your services will receive through membership.

Membership ensures you keep your clients and maintain your position as their trusted professional – with the support and expertise of Roadtrafficlaw at your side.

We have a special members only portal with further information and exclusive deals. Just look at the Services Menu

We do much more  than refer cases and help with your online profile. We share information and we actively help each other learn about business and help each other towards developing a successful business. We are a group of people who are not in direct competition with each other and we are aware that through “Business Solidarity” we will all benefit


Membership Of The RTL Cooperative Is By Invitation Only

The RTL cooperative is designed to offer professionals who work in the field of road traffic law, informative, detailed and useful webinars and business opportunities delivered to their computers and mobile devices by renowned experts in their field and by fellow professionals. The cooperative members are encouraged to communicate their ideas and discoveries among the membership they and can expect that members will cross refer work where this is deemed appropriate.


Help with Online Marketing

We all bring different skills and abilities to the table and it is for each and every one of us to look to see how our own skill base can assist our fellow members of the RTLcooperative.  A lot of people think that lawyers should just get on with the job of representing their clients . The old “A lawyer should focus on practicing law, not fooling around with marketing!.”  That may have been true in the past, although I doubt it, perhaps there was a day when lawyers could focus all their energy on their craft, without needing to focus on business development but those days have gone.

Law firms are running leaner than ever, and the marketplace is crowded and competitive. In short, you have to get in the game or get left behind by your competitors!

Whatever you do developing your online presence will be key to your success in today’s business world. The sooner you start developing a website and feeding it with a “Blog” the better for you and your future viability. There is ample evidence that lawyers and other niche practice area businesses, who blog regularly will reap the rewards.

The RTLcooperative will be Blogging for the benefit of their membership but if any members could provide us with material that we can utilise specifically for you then please do so as we want to be working to benefit your online profile and SEO wherever we can.